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Large Settle Unit with Storage cupboards


Carcass Height 1305mm
Carcass Depth 500mm
Carcass Length 1500mm
Storage Length 700mm
Storage Depth 400mm
Storage Height 300mm

Large Settle Unit with Storage cupboards

1500mm x 500mm

This is a traditional settle with cupboards under to give a useful storage area. The sides are 40mm thick and shaped nicely. The seat is 40mm thick oak. The back of the seat is made of a four panel profiled panel.

The example shown in the picture is 2400mm wide so if you order a smaller version the panels will be reduced accordingly. The 1500mm and 1800mm versions will only have three panels and three sets of doors.

The seat is treated with Osmo wood protector and has 4 coats of clear Osmo oil applied, this provides long lasting protection and waterproofing, we will provide you with maintenance advice when you collect your furniture.

All sizes between 1500mm and 2400mm can also be supplied with the price varying according to size.