Freestanding Four Door Kitchen Larder/Pantry Cupboard

800mm x 500mm

Cornice Depth 545mm
Carcass Height 2200mm
Carcass Depth 500mm
Door Style Plain
Void Size 50mm
Cornice Length 890mm
Carcass Length 800mm

Price: £680

Product Description

This is a traditional kitchen larder cupboard with two doors above another two doors. The middle bar of the unit runs at 880mm high which is the height of many standard kitchen base units. The top section of the cupboard has four adjustable shelves which are mounted on brass sockets and Banjo’s. The bottom cupboard has two adjustable shelves.

As with all of our freestanding units it is constructed entirely of solid pine. The 50mm void behind the back boards allows room for most pipes as well as providing ample opportunity to scribe the unit in if your walls are out of square.

This unit will come as one solid unit and requires a ceiling height of 2350mm in order to be stood.

The larder shown in the picture is 1000mm wide, if you were to order a smaller version please remember that the doors will reduce by the difference between it and the 1000mm version. For example, if you order an 800mm version, the doors will each be 100mm narrower.