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Cosy Galley Kitchens

The adaptability of all of our units being made entirely from scratch means we don’t suffer from the same restrictions as many standard kitchen manufacturers, our kitchens are made to fit your space. This is particularly useful when planning galley kitchens as we are able to make units and worktops narrower than standard which enables us to realise the potential of your kitchen. Our experience of designing and fitting galley kitchens also means we are very adept at coming up with solutions to the challenges often provided by these particular spaces.These kitchens are typically priced between £7,000 and £10,000.

From £7,000
All Our Kitchens are HANDMADE, INSTALLED, with a SURVEY included and have a CUSTOM FINISH
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What is a galley style kitchen?

A modern galley kitchen is made up of two parallel runs of units with a central corridor, or a one wall galley kitchen which has units down one side. They’re ideal for making the most of a small space and work well for all styles of kitchen, as well as being a top choice amongst professional chefs because they make working safer and more efficient. Galley kitchens take their name from the long narrow kitchen layout found on ships, and clever design means you can optimise space for working and storage.

At Murdoch Troon, all our units are made from scratch, so we are free from the constraints that bind many makers of fitted galley kitchens. Our kitchens are designed to fit your space, which is invaluable in a particularly tiny galley kitchen. Making units or worktops a little narrower will mean you can have the kitchen you want, with very little compromise on space. Our years of experience and the skill of our design team means we can master most of the challenges offered by these cosy spaces and can work with you to create something both beautiful and functional. These kitchens are typically priced between £5,295 and £8,500.

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Best layout for galley kitchens

When it comes to galley kitchen layout, our expert design team will help you plan how to make the most of the space offered, even if you have a particularly narrow galley kitchen. Broadly speaking, there are two ways to organise the space. You can choose a relatively symmetrical design, with two runs of units on either side that mirror each other, or you can go for something more asymmetrical, breaking up the run of units with a mix of taller cabinets on one side, or adding in one of our larder units.

As a safety consideration, you need around a foot between the electricals and the sink unit, and the prime consideration will be the amount of work surface you have available. In terms of where to put your appliances, keeping a smooth flow between sink, cooker and fridge (known as the kitchen triangle) will make your food preparation that bit more enjoyable and much more efficient. At Murdoch Troon, we design to your needs. We’ll make sure that we’ve helped you choose the right cabinet combination to get the best from the space you have, so even a small galley kitchen can offer plenty of storage and room to create all those culinary masterpieces.


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Typical characteristics of a Galley Kitchen

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Galley Kitchen with an Island

A galley kitchen can be a less than sociable space, and while some people prefer the peace and quiet this gives, for others, it’s a real downside. If you love to be able to have a chat over a coffee or a glass of something lovely while you’re preparing a meal together, then adding an island is a real bonus. It’s dependent on space, of course, but not an impossible part of galley kitchen designs. A kitchen island can replace one of the runs of units, without compromising workspace or storage, and while adding a hub for the family. We have a range of island units, from compact butchers blocks to full-sized island units and because we make everything ourselves, we can customise the final piece to work with your design and make your galley style kitchen exactly what you want it to be.

Galley Kitchens with a Breakfast Bar

With any design, the detail is what brings character and life to a space, and we’ve included some beautiful options for you to choose as part of our shabby chic range. All of our shabby chic kitchen units, wall units and cupboards are supplied with classic wooden knobs, but we’re happy to include alternatives from our range too, and it’s these individual details that make your space uniquely yours. Take a look at our shabby chic larder cupboard, with beautiful heart-shaped cut outs, and the option for vintage style gothic handles, or you can really channel that vintage vibe by choosing one of our kitchen settles. All our pieces are designed to match style, functionality and durability, as well as being perfectly at home in your kitchen whether you’re working with the notoriously tricky galley shaped kitchen, or have the luxury of a true farmhouse sized space, our expert team will find a solution that meets your needs, and brings you the ultimate in shabby chic kitchen style.
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Open up Galley kitchens

Getting away from the corridor effect that characterizes many fitted galley kitchens is often a key concern. Our experience means we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will avoid this, and we will work with you to make sure even a long galley kitchen feels open. Simple things like keeping the design clean and classic by choosing our plain doors, opting for lighter choices from our range of colours, and choosing unassuming handles will keep the look of your kitchen streamlined, and more open. We can also advise on lighting, and how to use light to create an impression of space.

One wall Galley kitchens design

A one-wall galley kitchen is a great option if space is at a premium. A single galley kitchen design takes up the smallest possible amount of space, but still manages to incorporate all your essential appliances and storage. With careful design, you will be able to have a one-sided kitchen space that is efficient, safe and practical and in some cases, keeping the units to one wall frees up space for a social area too. Our clever team will find solutions to help you get the best from the space, and our bespoke units work to create beautiful galley kitchens that are a pleasure to be in.
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