Bespoke kitchen units made for you to fit yourself.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our standard range of units here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what we can make to try and meet your requirements.All of the kitchen layouts shown can be made using our freestanding units but only show a very small amount of what is possible.Nearly all of our units can be made to any size, with the only real limits being the size of wood available and set sizes such as appliances and sinks.

1500mm x 600mm Standard Dresser

This is a traditional dresser unit with three drawers situated between two doors in the base unit and two glazed doors either side of a wine rack and display area on the rack. There are two adjustable shelves in each of the base cupboards.

700mm Wide Fridge Housing

We can build a large variety of units to house fridges or fridge freezers, the two pictures shown are just two examples of what we can do. They are 700mm wide, housing a 600mm wide appliance and have a useful storage cupboard above the appliance although this can just as easily be a wine rack if you choose, there is no change in cost for this.

Example L-shape corner section

This corner section of kitchen can be made by piecing together three of our kitchen units and we will even supply the worktop fully joined and stuck so you just fix it onto the units when they are level and fitted.