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Privacy and Terms of Use

As our site contains a form used to gather personal information about visitors, we are obliged also to display this privacy policy, which mandates how we will and will not use your information:


  • We do not collect any information about our site visitors unless they explicitly volunteer it (e.g. via a feedback form). As such, completion of the online form is simply for your own convenience and is purely voluntary. An e-mail address has been provided as an alternative to this form.
  • The reason we sometimes gather information about our site visitors is so we can reply to any feedback, queries and comments you may send to us.
  • We will never initiate contact with a site visitor and only contact our visitors in order to reply to a query or comment which they have sent to us.
  • In accordance with EU regulations, and as part of company policy, we do not send spam by e-mail or otherwise.
  • We do not pass on any personal information about our clients or web site visitors to third parties without their informed consent.
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