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Open Plan Kitchens

Large family kitchens are often the social hub of the house and we are able to produce the furniture to make this possible. Our kitchens provide a relaxed homely environment while ensuring it maintains the necessary storage and workspace to be a workable kitchen.These kitchens are typically priced between £10,000 and £18,000.

From £10,000
All Our Kitchens are HANDMADE, INSTALLED, with a SURVEY included and have a CUSTOM FINISH
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Murdoch Troon open plan kitchens

At Murdoch Troon, open plan kitchens are a great way to combine cooking and socialising. Our design team will work with you to create a space that works perfectly as a kitchen diner or living room with kitchen, and because Murdoch Troon kitchens are bespoke, we’ve got the flexibility to help you make the most of your space and the expertise to help you work out your ideal layout.

Our units are handcrafted from solid timber and complemented by beautiful solid oak work surfaces. We can provide any combination of wall cabinets you need, as well as larder cupboards, and kitchen islands to help you create a space that’s a practical place for creating delicious meals, as well as a beautiful area to enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine with friends.

Ordering your new open plan kitchen from us is easy, just follow the steps below

  • First step is to give us a call or drop us an email. We can travel within most of England for our design visits, but we do ask that if you live outside LN, DN, NG or PE postcodes, you send us a basic plan so we can give you an idea of price before we visit. The plan doesn’t have to be too technical, just an outline of dimensions as well as window and door positions. Remember to include your kitchen appliances too – we don’t supply these, but we do build around whatever you choose.
  • At the end of our design visit, we will provide you with our quote. This will include details like sinks and taps, all your hand-built units, as well as fitting, and of course VAT. We’ll send a written quote and give you time to review everything we can offer.
  • When you decide to go ahead, just get in touch and we will arrange the date for your new kitchen to be fitted, as well as taking a ten per cent deposit, with the balance due on the day of fitting. After that, all you have to do is relax and wait for our team to create your dream shabby chic space.


What is an open plan kitchen space?

Put simply, a modern open plan kitchen space is the hub of the home. It’s a space where children can get on with homework while dinner’s being prepared, it’s a space where the chef of the family can whip up tasty meals and still feel part of the conversation, and it’s a space where family and friends can meet, relax and enjoy each other’s company.
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Creating an open space kitchen needs a bit of planning, and our design team will work closely to make sure your open plan kitchen dining room works for you and your family. Many of the best open plan kitchens work well because they make good use of zoning and there are a few ways to create different zones for your kitchen. One of the simplest is to use a bespoke kitchen island or breakfast bar to create a natural barrier between areas for food preparation and practicality, and areas for fun and socialising. Flooring can also be used to create your zones, and provide subtle cues about how an area’s used, so you might choose a hard surface like tiling for the work zone, moving to softer materials like wood or even carpet for spaces that are designated relaxing zones.
The details make a difference too, and we’ll advise you how to make the most of lighting to create your zones – perhaps using task-focused spots in the kitchen, complemented by the subtlety of a low pendant over your dining table. We’ll also help you use colour to define and unify; our units complement a range of looks, from the classic soft sages and dove greys of a country kitchen to industrial-style steels or deep rich reds so you can mix and match, perhaps using one colour as an accent shade to create a subtle sense of unity.
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How to combine your living room and kitchen space

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An open plan kitchen diner is most successful with a bit of careful planning. Choosing the right combination of units and cabinets will mean you get a space that’s got the perfect amount of storage and seating, without sacrificing any space, something that’s especially important in a small open plan kitchen. If you’re lucky enough to have a large kitchen it’s important to think about how you’ll use the space and thinking about things like making sure the dining zone is near the food preparation area will minimise how far you have to carry hot food, or cleared plates. We’ll help you make your kitchen safe too, by making sure you’ve clear sightlines so you can keep an eye on any younger members of the family even in a long kitchen.
Open plan living isn’t always the best option, even in big kitchens and during our design visit we’ll talk about other kitchen solutions that might work better. It may be that a cosy galley kitchen layout, with units along one wall, is a more practical workspace, or you might find you prefer a classic cottage style kitchen to fit with the aesthetic of the rest of your home. The beauty of choosing Murdoch Troon is that your kitchen is custom-designed with furniture such as cabinetry, so whatever shape or layout you need, you can be sure you’ll have the best kitchen to work for you, your home and your lifestyle. This type of kitchen typically costs between £7,425 and £14,000.
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