Shabby Chic

Our freestanding kitchen units can provide the option of composing a shabby chic style kitchen as opposed to the more fitted look of many of our kitchens. While all of our units are workshop built solid wood units, the gaps left between the units provide a stylish exclusive looking kitchen. Clever use of colours and styles, such as the heart shape cut outs, can lead to a very individual kitchen which would provide a stand out feature in any home.These kitchens are typically priced between £6,375 and £9,500.

From £6375

All Our Kitchens are HANDMADE, INSTALLED, with a SURVEY included and have a CUSTOM FINISH

Our Pricing

All prices include all of the furniture including solid hardwood worktops, sink, taps, extractor, design, installation and VAT. The price you are quoted when we visit you and produce your design is the price you will pay, we don’t have any hidden costs.

The typical prices quoted on this page are meant to be indicative of the kitchens in the pictures but prices are obviously dependent on the amount of furniture and the geographical location of the kitchen.

If you want an idea of what it would cost to have your kitchen made by Murdoch Troon just send us a plan through the ‘Contact Us’ link.