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Shabby Chic Kitchens

Our freestanding kitchen units can provide the option of composing a shabby chic style kitchen as opposed to the more fitted look of many of our kitchens. While all of our units are workshop built solid wood units, the gaps left between the units provide a stylish exclusive looking kitchen. Clever use of colours and styles, such as the heart shape cut outs, can lead to a very individual kitchen which would provide a stand out feature in any home.These kitchens are typically priced between £7,000 and £12,000.

From £7,000
All Our Kitchens are HANDMADE, INSTALLED, with a SURVEY included and have a CUSTOM FINISH
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Murdoch Troon Shabby Chic Style Kitchens

Combining freestanding units, a palette of chalky hues, along with traditional standards of service and craftsmanship, a shabby chic kitchen from Murdoch Troon will bring the perfect blend of functionality and timeless style to your home. We offer a wide range of cupboards, wall units and boutique furniture that we put together to fit your space perfectly. Match that with our beautiful range of colours and classic shabby detailing, like heart-shaped cut-outs, and you’ll be able to create a gorgeous, modern, kitchen.

All of our shabby chic products are craftsman built from solid wood. This means we can create a kitchen that fits your space, rather than the other way around. Traditional values mean traditional quality, so you’ll find all our drawers feature dovetail joints, prized for years thanks to their durability, as well as modern engineering like soft-close runners. Choose a freestanding sink unit, with the signature shabby style Belfast sink, complete with practical features like half-lap doors for good access to plumbing, and useful drawers and cupboards. Mix that with one of our shabby chic wall cabinets, perhaps with a plate rack or wine store, and a run of shabby kitchen cupboards and you’ll soon find you’ve a space that is as practical as it is pretty. If space allows, you might want to take a look at our islands too, which work perfectly in any shabby chic interiors and give you the perfect space to catch up with friends over a glass of wine, use as an extra prep area, or just enjoy a quick bite as a family.

At Murdoch Troon, we are proud of the service we offer, and the skills of our craftsmen. We work closely with all our customers to help create a space that is unique and meets your personal requirements. It’s this that makes us stand out and makes your new kitchen a perfect place to cook, eat and relax.

Choosing shabby chic products often means choosing freestanding units, and these bring their own benefits. As well as the aesthetic appeal, you’ll find our freestanding units are slightly more economical than a bespoke unit while retaining the same high quality in terms of timber and materials. Our skilled designers can help you mix and match too, so if you’ve a particularly quirky corner of the room, or fancy a bespoke larder cupboard, we’ll create it for you, and make it blend with the rest of your shabby furniture.

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Ordering your new shabby chic kitchen from us is easy, just follow the steps below

  • First step is to give us a call or drop us an email. We can travel within most of England for our design visits, but we do ask that if you live outside LN, DN, NG or PE postcodes, you send us a basic plan so we can give you an idea of price before we visit. The plan doesn’t have to be too technical, just an outline of dimensions as well as window and door positions. Remember to include your kitchen appliances too – we don’t supply these, but we do build around whatever you choose.
  • At the end of our design visit, we will provide you with our quote. This will include details like sinks and taps, all your hand-built units, as well as fitting, and of course VAT. We’ll send a written quote and give you time to review everything we can offer.
  • When you decide to go ahead, just get in touch and we will arrange the date for your new kitchen to be fitted, as well as taking a ten per cent deposit, with the balance due on the day of fitting. After that, all you have to do is relax and wait for our team to create your dream shabby chic space.
We do produce kitchens for outside England but work in a slightly different way, please give us a call if you have any questions about Scotland and Wales locatio


Typical characteristics of Shabby Chic style

A modern shabby chic kitchen is a contemporary interpretation of a classic design. Soft colours, solid wood and quirky details combine to create a kitchen that has universal appeal alongside individual style. You’ll find beautiful proportions working with practical features and classic craftsmanship such as durable dovetail joints, all put together to work perfectly with your space and lifestyle.
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One of the signatures of a shabby kitchen is vintage chic furniture, and we include a range of shabby chic dressers and larder units to work alongside more conventional wall cupboards and islands to give you a real vintage feel. Colour is important too, and the traditional shabby scheme is characterised by a painterly palette, drawing from soft whites, muted greys and gentle sage greens. If you want to add your own stamp to the classic look you could expand into our wider colour range, perhaps plumping for Lavenham Pink, giving you that dreamy vintage look, but with a unique twist.
With any design, the detail is what brings character and life to a space, and we’ve included some beautiful options for you to choose as part of our shabby chic range. All of our shabby chic kitchen units, wall units and cupboards are supplied with classic wooden knobs, but we’re happy to include alternatives from our range too, and it’s these individual details that make your space uniquely yours. Take a look at our shabby chic larder cupboard, with beautiful heart-shaped cut outs, and the option for vintage style gothic handles, or you can really channel that vintage vibe by choosing one of our kitchen settles. All our pieces are designed to match style, functionality and durability, as well as being perfectly at home in your kitchen whether you’re working with the notoriously tricky galley shaped kitchen, or have the luxury of a true farmhouse sized space, our expert team will find a solution that meets your needs, and brings you the ultimate in shabby chic kitchen style.
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