Handle Choices For Kitchen Units

Wooden handles are standard on all Murdoch Troon kitchens and Freestanding units. If you would like a diffrent style handle, below is our handle selection. Non standard handles cost an extra £5 per handle.

1. Cream Crackle Knob

2. Cream Crackle D-handle

3. White Crackle D-handle

4. White Crackle Knob

5. Anvil Pewter Knob

6. Small Anvil Pewter Knob

7. Small Anvil Pewter D-handle

8.  Anvil Pewter D-handle

9. Small Anvil Black Knob

10. Anvil Black Knob

11.  Small Anvil Black D-handle

12. Anvil Black D-handle

13. Large Wooden Knob

14. Small Wooden Knob

15. Nickel Cup Handle

16.  Nickel Knob

17.  Polished Nickel Knob

18.  Polished Nickel D-handle

19.  Stainless Steel D-handle

20. White Porcelain Knob

21. Small White Porcelain Knob

22.  Bronze Knob

23.  Brass Knob

24.  Bronze Cup Handle

25.  Brass Cup Handle

26. Bronze Shell Handle

27. Brass Shell Cup Handle

28.  Speckled Metal Knob

29. Speckled Metal D-handle

30. Anvil Pewter Shell Handle

31.  Anvil Pewter Smooth Knob

32. Rustic Pewter Cup Handle

33.  Rustic Pewter Knob

34. Square Pweter Cup Handle

35.  Polished Chrome Cup Handle

36.  Polished Chrome Knob

37.  Pewter Fan Cup Handle

38.  Pewter Fan Knob

39. Cast Steel D-handle

40.  Cast Steel Cup Handle

41.  Cast Steel Knob

42.  Plain Pewter Knob

Our Colours

We offer our Kitchens and Freestanding Units in the colours listed below. We find that viewing the colours on a computer screen only give an approxamation of the colour. It is best to contact us and request some colour swatchs for a truer representation. 

If none of the colours below fit your needs, we can produce Kitchens or Freestanding Units in custom colours. Contact us by telephone to discuss your requirements.

Cambridge rock

Lavenham pink

Suffolk stone

Yorkshire sage

High peak grey

Devonshire cream

Wolds blue

Norfolk lavender

Lancashire blue

Hereford green

Lincolnshire chalk

Gloucester blue

Celtic green

York red

Coastal blue

Humber Sand

East coast blue

London Steel


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