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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always happy to answer any questions our customers have for us. Listed below are some of the most common queries together with our answers..

Some companies claim their kitchens are made of solid timber when in actual fact they are simply solid fascias with chipboard carcasses. Is this the case with a Murdoch Troon kitchen?

No. Our furniture, including all the doors and the carcass, is made from solid timber. Only parts that will be exposed to extreme temperatures (e.g. Aga canopy or boiler housing) will be discreetly constructed from composite materials (such as plywood). In this way we establish a traditional and beautiful wood theme throughout the whole kitchen without sacrificing practicality and durability in the very hot parts.

I’ve seen many other designers’ kitchens, which all seem rather standard. What makes yours different?

Other manufacturers make your space fit their kitchen: We make our kitchen fit your space.

I have been to other kitchen designers and they just presented me with a rigid computerised design of their ideas. Can you be more flexible?

Yes! We like our customers to be involved in their design. We spend as much time as possible discussing your needs to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams. Because your kitchen is so unique to you we do not use computer software to design it. Everything is hand-drawn for you, with you, and to your needs.

It seems other companies think the size of my kitchen has to be a multiple of 600mm, to fit their standard units. Is this how you work?

We have no standardised size units. All our units are individually tailored to your needs, no matter what the shape or size of your room.

Do you provide granite worktops in your kitchen?

We’re afraid not. For generations our family business has been expert craftsmanship with wood. As such we fit our kitchens with solid oak worktops in our kitchens which our customers always find practical and beautiful. The only exception to this, is for central island units where we will happily provide you with a unit for you to have the granite fitted yourself, to give you the opportunity to contrast the traditional and natural looking worktops with the more modern and clinical granite.

How easy is it to care for the beautiful solid oak worktops in Murdoch Troon kitchens?

Our solid oak worktops come oiled and preserved, and are easy to care for. An occasional treatment with a wood-preserving oil is all they need, with good old fashioned cooking oil being sufficient for general maintenance. We will recommend a suitable product to preserve the character and longevity of your solid oak worktop. We will also provide you with all the instructions you need to maintain your worktop.

How do I know what my kitchen will cost?

The price of your kitchen will depend entirely on how much furniture you want putting into it. We can give you a very good idea from a very basic plan which can be e-mailed or posted to us, please remember to include your postal address and a contact number so we can get back to you with a price. As a general rule, our kitchens cost from around £4,500 to £12,000.

Do you fit kitchens in my area?

We fit kitchens in virtually all of England, for those outside of the LN, PE, NG and DN postcodes we prefer to give a quote from plans before travelling to do a design and a quote on site. We can also produce standard freestanding units or bespoke kitchens to collect and fit yourself, obviously this requires input from the customer is required to design these bespoke kitchens.

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